Calling all education and learning professionals to submit ideas and insights on "Learning Resilience" for Online Educa Berlin (OEB)

OEB is the global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training. The organisers are inviting everyone to propose topics for a talk or session by May 3, 2021, to shape this year's agenda.

21. April 2021, Channa van der Brug, Online Educa Berlin (OEB)

Don't miss this opportunity to share your practice and thinking with the international learning community. OEB’s participants come from the entire learning ecosystem: from the education sector, workplace learning & development, governmental organisations and EdTech solution providers.

Participation will bring you to the forefront of learning and technology developments, give you new insights on opportunities and challenges that are changing the world of learning and allow you to meet, discuss and network with international learning professionals and experts.

The organisers are inviting everyone to propose topics for a talk or session by May 3 to shape this year’s agenda.

Read more about the conference’s overall theme "Learning Resilience" and discover all formats and topics at

The agenda covers a wide range of subjects including:
• Getting to Grips with Learning Design & EdTech
• Making Higher Education Fit for Purpose
• Collaboration between Sectors
• L&D's Influence
• The Individual in the Learning Organisation
• Stimulating Social Connectivity
• Reconceptualising Teaching, Training, Tutoring
• Using Data to Accelerate Outcomes
• Content for Good
• Achieving Policy Aspirations

Submit your proposal:
When: Dec 1 – 3, 2021
Where: Hotel InterContinental Berlin, Budapester Str. 2, 10787 Berlin, Germany