Open, Micro, digital Platforms – Hype or the Future of Higher Education?

Open Education, e-learning platforms and micro-credentials: Are these three concepts lastingly changing the way we learn, teach and view educational processes?

21. August 2023, Johanna Seiwald, ZHAW

This public event will explore the impact of micro-credentials and e-learning platforms on teaching and learning in the context of Open Education. A high-calibre panel will shed light on the interrelationships and possible implications for higher education institutions. The question is whether the currently much-discussed concepts and formats can actually make education more accessible, flexible and collaborative in the future.

With a view to the tension between lifelong learning and the commercialisation of education, we would also like to discuss the role and responsibility of higher education institutions: How can higher education institutions actively shape the current processes and harness the new opportunities for themselves and for the future viability of the education landscape? In the context of micro-credentialing and platform offers, how can we build the bridge between a possibly increasingly fragmented acquisition of knowledge and competences and education? Where are the blind spots and which developments should be reflected and critically examined?

The keynote address will be given by educational scientist and expert on "Educational Technology" Barbara Class (University of Geneva). Barbara Class will be joined on the panel by Kathy Pugh (Sr. Vice President Partnerships 2U, formerly edX), Christoph Negri (Psychologist/Head of ZHAW-IAP) and Sascha Schneider (DSI Professorship "Educational Technology"/University of Zurich).

Date: Wednesday, 6 September 2023
Time: 17:30-19:00
Place: ZHAW Campus Stadt-Mitte, Gebäude MC, Blauer Saal (Tössfeldstrasse 11, Winterthur)
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