SEB Consortium


Community engagement

As community engagement, SWITCH provides a startup support for the SEB Consortium by being a Principal Member.

SWITCH's Principal Membership in the SEB Consortium has a duration of totally six years and will end on December 31, 2021. As from January 1, 2022, the SEB Consortium has to be self-sustained and has to be supported by the other members of the SEB Consortium.


Free Silver Membership

Through SWITCH's Principal Membership, all Swiss Higher Education Institutions receive automatically free Silver Membership through their association with SWITCH. Feature requests and development goals for the SEB suggested by Swiss HEI will be collected and prioritised by the SIG e-Assessment.


Mandate of SIG e-Assessment

As community of experts, the SIG e-Assessment has been mandated by SWITCH to exercise SWITCH's Principal Membership within the SEB Consortium. As Principal Member SWITCH's mandate includes building a feature list for the SEB, as well as suggesting and prioritsing SEB development goals together with the other principal members of the SEB Consortium.

The SEB Consortium is the body which sustains ongoing funding of the Safe Exam Browser open source project to continue its maintenance, development and support activities.


How can I participate?