SIG Mobile Learning

SIG Leader: Christian Glahn, HTW Chur
Twitter: #mLearnCH


Mobile revolution has made mobile phones the lead technology for personal communication, information access and management. While mobile phones are more widespread than personal computers, laptops and notebooks, the mobile revolution goes beyond portability of computing devices. We find ourselves in device ecologies with ubiquitous availability of information and communication services that are no longer limited to special devices. While technology has spread quickly and disrupted many parts of society, mobile learning is still in its infancy. Mobile learning has to overcome many conceptual, practical and organisational challenges, before we can fully benefit from mobile technology to support learning in different settings.

SIG Mobile Learning brings together actors who innovate education and learning with mobile technologies in formal and informal learning settings. The SIG increases visibility for new educational concepts and supports impact and uptake of mobile learning projects at Swiss Higher Education Institutions.



  • Connect mobile learning research and practice
  • Exchange of ideas, experiences, research results and news on mobile learning
  • Provide the framing for collaboration for projects and publications


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