SIG Open Educational Resources (OER)

SIG Leader: Ricarda Reimer, PH-FHNW


SIG Open Educational Resources (OER) is intended for people who deal with conceptional and practical aspects of creating, sharing and re-using OER. We want to explain, why OER are important for higher education members and institutions.

In this SIG, we discuss questions such as: What are the benefits of OER? What is needed to promote OER culture in higher education? Is quality assurance system necessary, and what kind of quality assurance process is needed? What strategies and mechanisms for quality assurance are feasible? Copyright and usage rights: How to enable authors and lower barriers?

SIG OER is a hub to exchange ideas and information, and aims to produce concrete and usable results, such as: collection of arguments and guidance for institutions on how to introduce OER and manage their quality.


Meetings – coming up

  • The next SIG OER meeting will be in spring 2019.


Activities and publications

  • Open Learning Days, January 28-29, 2019, PHLU, Lucerne, conference website
  • Böller, Nadja (2018): Open Educational Resources nutzen und selbst erstellen – Chancen und Herausforderungen, Lecture at Open Education Day 2018, Brugg-Windisch, April 2018. Lecture recording
  • Reimer, Ricarda T.D. & Böller, Nadja (2017): Offene Bildungskultur in der Schweiz – Perspektiven und Herausforderungen. Synergie. Fachmagazin für Digitalisierung in der Lehre. 4/2017, S. 86-89. PDF


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