SEB Consortium

As a community of experts, the SIG e-Assessment represents SWITCH in the SEB Consortium.

SEB Consortium

The SEB Consortium is the body which sustains ongoing funding of the Safe Exam Browser and to continue maintenance, development and support activities related to this open source project. As a startup support and community engagement, SWITCH has become a principal member of the SEB Consortium in 2015. With this, all Swiss Higher Education Institutions receive free Silver membership in the SEB Consortium through their association with SWITCH.

However, SWITCH's startup support will definitely end in December 2021. Therefore, Swiss Higher Education Institutions are invited to support the SEB Consortium themselves from now on to ensure its continuation after the end of SWITCH's startup support in December 2021.


Apply for membership

If you are interested in joining the SEB Consortium, please send a membership application form to:

SEB Consortium
Nathalie Roth
PO Box
8021 Zurich


More information about the SEB Consortium

Find more information about members, benefits and fees on the SEB Consortium website.