The SIG SwissMOOC acts as a hub for MOOC experts in Switzerland and leads the project Swiss MOOC Service.

The arrival of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) presents a lot of new challenges to those who build them, such as:

  • Pedagogical: personalisation, individualisation, collaboration
  • Legal: copyright, privacy (in the Swiss context)
  • Technological: cloud, multimedia
  • Strategic: questions of branding, implementation

It also presents very large opportunities:

  • Educational research
  • Easier collaboration between professors, networking among students
  • Outreach efforts (news, high schools, young graduates)
  • Citizen science
  • Business (corporate continuing education)

The aims of this SIG is to support those who want to implement MOOCs to achieve their goals more easily by sharing information, expertise and services.


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MOOC projects and resources


How to participate

Contact the SIG leaders Anne-Dominique Salamin, HES-SO, Patrick Jermann, EPFL and Stefano Tardini, USI, or