SIG Video

SIG leaders: HervĂ© Platteaux, UNIFR; Pierre Lehmann, UNIGE


The SIG develops two main actions:

  • Create a video guide (first priority)
  • Open the SIG to other people, topics and actions


Video guide

Videos are more and more present in higher education. It is difficult, however, to know what questions need to be addressed, before even starting to plan a video project. Questions essentially cover the aspect of "planning the plan", where a vision for the role of video in higher education, as well as the related constraints are to be identified, developed, or at least taken into account. Furthermore, it is difficult to start producing video sequences, find information and help for every stage of a video project.

For this reasons, we create a video guide with examples, deepening links and documents to answer two types of questions:

  1. How to better define my video project?
  2. How to create a video sequence?

Check out the video guide of the eduhub community



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