Swiss Academic Moodle Community (SAMoo)


SAMoo is a community for Moodle admins at Swiss Higher Education Institutions. We meet one to two times a year to exchange knowledge and best practices in didactic and technical fields related to Moodle. We start new projects and coordinate activities together.


Our goals

  • Differentiate from the international Moodle community and address Swiss specific questions (e.g. AAI).
  • Speak with one strong voice to national and foreign bodies.
  • Establish a "Swiss Moodle cookbook" with a collection of tutorials of Swiss universities.
  • Develop plugins together (e.g. SWITCHcast plugin).
  • Exchange technical and didactical information and best practices.
  • Create a map of Moodle Communities with their respective activities and specialities.



Our meetings are single day events, hosted in turn by volunteering member universities, with contributions on didactic and technical topics and room for discussion. The aim of these meetings is to facilitate informal communication within the community.


Coming up

The next SAMoo meeting will be in spring 2019. Members of SAMoo will receive a doodle.


Moodle news

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