Learning café espresso I



ETH EduApp – A mobile app for student life and learning

Thomas Korner, ETHZ

In this Learning Café we discuss the concept of the ETH EduApp. We are developing this app as an aid to students in their learning and in their daily lives as students. On the one hand it provides information crucial for student life such as timetables and interactive building layouts. On the other hand it includes clicker tools (these classroom response systems are very useful for large-scale class interaction) and backchannels (twitterwall for instant feedback and discussion), which are easy to set up for each class. We will be very interested to hear your opinions, and look forward to fruitful discussions.

Open exchange with SWITCH

Andreas Dudler, SWITCH

From May 1st 2012 I will be, as the successor to Thomas Brunner, the Managing Director of SWITCH. SWITCH was and is very active in supporting the e-learning community in higher education in Switzerland. I would like to take this opportunity for an open exchange with eduhub as the e-learning professionals. Topics may include future challenges in e-learning, collaboration with and role of SWITCH in this field, your general feedback to SWITCH, new fields of action, AAA/SWITCH and future development, and many more.

Learning and video

Markus Buerer, SWITCH

In this learning café we present possible learning and collaboration scenarios with videos. We want to share experiences (positive and negative) about handling with video, to see what we can learn from others and what can be improved for the future. We also want to collect ideas for future use of videos and good inputs for great tools.

SWITCHtoolbox: one box – many tools

Renato Furter, SWITCH

SWITCHtoolbox is the box that holds the tools needed for a successful collaboration among people from different institutions. In this learning café we will give a short presentation of the toolbox features followed by a lively discussion about what tools are missing and who could provide them.

The new e-identity project at SWITCH

Rolf Brugger, SWITCH

In the newly started e-identity project at SWITCH, we are conceiving a learner-centred environment intended for life-long usage. The environment supports learners planning and monitoring their learning progress, organising team work, collecting work results, presenting skills and competencies, finding a job and more. The concept is currently under heavy development. Participate in this Learning Café to get an overview of the current state of the project, and to bring forward your ideas for a student-centred environment.

The future academic learning environment: How should and could it look like?

Gudrun Bachmann, Sabina Brandt, Heidi Röder, Ursula Schwander, Tina Skerlak; UNIBAS

The first phase of the ITSI project at the University of Basel showed that students and teachers are not interested in learning and teaching in merely virtual space but wish to learn, teach and work within a modern and integrated IT-enhanced environment with high usability.

The main goal of ITSI phase 2 is to elaborate a vision of this desired learning environment by integrating "virtual" and "physical" aspects. To approach this challenge we worked out scenarios based on the following trends in education: the shift from teaching to learning, the assessment of learning outcomes, the trend towards lifelong learning and the opportunities offered by mobile learning.

In the learning café espresso we want to present and discuss our approach and get in touch with other projects, tools, solutions and new ideas in order to specify how the future academic learning environment should and could look like.

E-xcellence.ch opening café

Willi Bernhard, FFHS; Hervé Platteaux, UNIFR

The e-xcellence.ch e-learning quality management project has been finished and is ready for use. The opening café will show how it works, what you can do with it and how you can benefit from it.

Collaborative solving of multiple choice assessments (MCA)

Per Bergamin, FFHS; Stefano Tardini, USI

Assessments are an opportunity to enhance self-regulated learning. The Institute of Research in Open and Distance Learning (FFHS) and the E-Learning Lab (USI/SUPSI) have developed an accordant learning process and application together. The development process and the application will be presented. Relevant learning scenarios will be discussed with the participants.

The ShanghAI Lectures: global virtual community platform

Nathan Labhart, UZH

Since 2009, the Artificial Intelligence Lab of the University of Zurich has been presenting the ShanghAI Lectures, a lecture series held via video conference among ca 15 universities around the globe. The lectures are complemented by 3-D environments and a dedicated website* which aims at enabling a global community of students, lecturers, and researchers in the area of Embodied Artificial Intelligence.

In this learning café I will first give an overview of the project and then discuss the website with the guests of the café.

* a "Masterprojekt" by UZH students Manuela Züger, Bo Chen and Thomas Hunziker.

Skill Profiler project – Relevance of soft skills for competency management

Cindy Eggs, FFHS; Petra Kauer, SWITCH

At the Skill Profiler table people will be shortly informed about the project goals and status. The aim of the project is to support competence management at individual level permitting to capture, compare and visualise soft skills and to link them with the job market. Functions to be implemented will be demonstrated with the help of a mockup.

In the second half of the session we will discuss the current implementation of competence frameworks in university teaching and learning and the relevance of soft skill acquisition for students.