SWITCHcast annotate!


Annotating academic videos

While video content seems omnipresent in higher education nowadays, its use is often limited to pure consumption – lacking any kind of user interaction and missing to tap the potentials video content could additionally provide in education scenarios.

SWITCHcast annotate! is a powerful video annotation service designed for use in higher education settings. It allows users to add annotations to videos. Annotations can be shared with other users. Being able to comment each others annotations establishes user interaction and allows interesting use cases as peer reviews and others. Of course, annotations can be exported for statistical analysis.

This will be a hands-on webinar in means of an interactive guided tour: Participants will learn about both the functionality and how it is used by actually adding annotations to a demo video during the webinar.


Organisation by SWITCH

  • Presenter: Sven Stauber, SWITCH
  • Moderator: Nathalie Roth, SWITCH
  • Date and time: Thursday, December 14, 2017, 11h00 - 12h00
  • Place: online with SWITCHinteract