About eduhub

eduhub is the e-learning community of Swiss Higher Education Institutions.
The goal of eduhub is to exchange experiences and promote collaboration within the Swiss academic e-learning community.

Who is behind eduhub?

eduhub is coordinated and funded by SWITCH, the Swiss National Research and Education Network (NREN). SWITCH created eduhub in 2008 to offer networking and assistance to e-learning specialists from all Swiss Higher Education Institutions.






Mission and goals

The mission of eduhub is to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between the members of the community in the field of new learning technologies at Swiss Higher Education Institutions, to implement sustainable IT-based methods in academic teaching at Swiss Higher Education Institutions, and to strengthen the eduhub community and its national and international visibility.

A bit of history

The federal programme Swiss Virtual Campus (SVC), which was conducted from 2000 to 2008, is at the origin of the Swiss e-Learning Community eduhub. The programme aimed at promoting Internet-based learning at Swiss Higher Education Institutions.

When the programme of the Swiss Virtual Campus was concluded in 2008, the community of e-learning specialists, which had developed out of the Swiss Virtual Campus Programme, should be maintained. So the e-Learning Support Centres of Swiss Higher Education Institutions made an application to SWITCH to maintain the e-learning community by providing and conducting a community platform, coordinate the community and organise events for it. Thus, in 2008 eduhub came into life.

eduhub, which in 2008 started with around 600 active members, is since then continually growing and counts over 1'100 active members today.