Swiss Security Awareness Day 2023 in Bern

Need some inspiration on managing human risk effectively? Swiss Security Awareness Day is fast approaching with invaluable insights and plenty of food for thought! Get your spot now for a day of new perspectives and networking. Register now! 📢

16. October 2023, Franziska Hutter, SWITCH

On the topic
The human factor of security is getting more and more important. In times of a constant increase of complexity in our digitalised world, the user becomes the target of cybercriminals. Technical measures are not enough to keep our systems secure, the user needs to become part of the security process.

Security Awareness is supposed to help, but the challenges are great and many – missing communication expertise, support and resources are just a few.

The Swiss Security Awareness Day aims at giving some insights into the different possible ways to deal with Security Awareness while pointing out where to get support and what is most crucial for being successful.

Meet your community at this very important event on security awareness.

Target Audience
We welcome professionals from fields such as digital education, communications, IT, security, or marketing to engage in our talks and discussions. Our event is open to anyone who plays a role in, has an interest in, or is simply curious about security awareness.

Raising awareness, educating, and training users in information security requires a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach.

Language of the event will be English.