An app to help students study for their EPFL classes

03. December 2018, Nathalie Roth, SWITCH

Uniknow, an app developed by EPFL students, offers theory, videos and graded exercises. The first module, on mechanics, was a big hit with users. With EPFL's support, the project is now set to expand and cover other subjects.

For students who take public transport every day, pulling out a large book or laptop to study is not very practical. At least that's the view of Soheyl Massoudi, who's in the final year of his Master's in mechanical engineering. So he joined forces with Valentin Calame, a Master's student in architecture and Alexandre Chau and Timothée Duran, both studying for their Bachelor's degree in IT, to develop an app specially designed to be a study aid for EPFL's Physics I course (classical mechanics).

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