Academic e-Identity

The academic e-identity project aims at identifying the main core ideas of future online services targeting students during their studies and beyond, thus including their professional career. To that end, two surveys were conducted. The first allowed the harvesting of 1’200 students’ answers revealing their needs in terms of e-identity. The second consisted in a series of interviews involving 15 stakeholders from the Universities of Fribourg, Geneva and Lausanne which unveiled their perception of what constitutes the academic e-identity today, what is done currently in this domain and what could be done in the future.

The webinar will present the results of these two surveys, followed by a reflection on the next steps to undertake in this domain.


Organisation by SWITCH

This webinar was organised by SWITCH.

About this event
Begin27.06.2013 - 11:00
End27.06.2013 - 12:00
LocationOnline with SWITCHinteract
Community Webinar
  • Hervé Platteaux, UNIFR
  • Omar Benkacem, UNIGE
  • Rolf Brugger, SWITCH

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