Can we make the e-portfolio stick?

When implementing portfolios (and not just their electronic version), we are faced with a number of challenges that will need to be overcome. How do you get buy-in? Who should be involved in the initiative? How do you integrate portfolios in the curriculum? What role does technology play? How do you support users? These are just some of the questions that organisations looking into adopting e-portfolios face and need to find answers for.

In this webinar, we are going to look at common challenges, and how organisations tackle and eventually overcome them. This session is for you, if you are new to e-portfolios, to gain insight and learn from the experiences of others who have been at the start before. This session is also for you if you already started or are well into implementing portfolios at your organisation, as you will be able to reflect on your own practices, join the conversation and provide your own tips as well as pick up a few ideas to ponder for your future work with e-portfolios.


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This webinar was organised by SWITCH.

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Begin18.06.2015 - 11:00
End18.06.2015 - 12:00
LocationOnline with SWITCHinteract
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Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst


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