Education in a post COVID-19 world

The value and effectiveness of adding extra dimensions

The post-covid world has forced learning by distributed learners into mainstream. E-learning, Zoom-fests and webinars are everywhere you turn. We grow our sophistication at delivering virtually and yet the most demanding participants feel we could do a little more.

Ten years ago, I had a challenge. As clients globalised and time and cost pressure increased even faster than the client learning needs, I needed a disruptor. I am a learning director at Pentacle The Virtual Business School where we deliver applied executive education.

In the same way as the Swedish make the best drills because they have the hardest rock, I was lucky. Executives are very demanding. Executives can't be told. They can't be forced. They will not accept a poor experience. They learn by speaking, discussing and sidebar conversations. They learn where there is trust so the emotional engagement is critical. They don't take good notes. They do not revise, so learning retention and applicable memorable methods are essential. Also, they have no time to waste.

This brings me to QUBE. We created QUBE as a super real campus. Adding the third dimension making it virtual and enabling participants to use avatars (qubots), to represent themselves in the rooms (qubicles) of the campus. The next dimension was to use people engagement tools and performance enhancement tools. And to add a clear "QUBE culture" to guide behaviour and participation.

Almost every breakthrough was totally counter intuitive and in the opposite direction to what the popular suggests. In our session together I will share the key learnings surprises and practices that have led to success and pose questions about the future for learners in a post-covid world.


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Begin29.04.2021 - 11:00
End29.04.2021 - 12:00
LocationOnline with Zoom
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Eddie Obeng, QUBE, Pentacle The Virtual Business School


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