GeNeMe '19

GeNeMe stands for "communities in new media" addressing online communities at the interface or from the point of view of several disciplines such as computer science, multimedia or media technology, economics, education and information science as well as social and communication science.

As a forum for the interdisciplinary dialogue between science and industry, the GeNeMe serves the exchange of experience and knowledge between participants from a wide range of disciplines, organisations and institutions.

Thematic focus

The digital transformation has reached large parts of society and brings enormous challenges for business, politics and administration. New organisational structures and strategies emerge. Change processes affect the industry as well as the administration. In addition, science confirms new business models, new job profiles, new communication channels. The GeNeMe 2019 examines innovative practices in business, politics and administration and identifies needs for research on methods and tools of the digital economy – especially with regards to the knowledge-based collaboration in online communities (online communities) calls for an interpretive analysis.

About this event
Begin09.10.2019 - 13:30
End11.10.2019 - 13:45
LocationTU Dresden, Germany
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