How to easily create instructional videos

Video is currently taking its rightful place among educational media. Using video, you can create media that is short, snappy and fun. This means that your core messages can be condensed into a few minutes that can be shown quickly, repeated any time, shared, and preserved for the future. All of this makes video a great tool in getting your message across and equipping students with knowledge they need to tackle real-world challenges. The workshop will introduce you to different ways of creating video, allow you to find a workflow that you can use to produce your videos and answer questions you might have about the process. Because there is a lot of content and technology we could talk about, I will try to give you a broad introduction to the most common tools and then address specific ways to create videos that cater to your specific needs.


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Begin04.06.2020 - 11:00
End04.06.2020 - 12:00
LocationOnline with SWITCHinteract
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Michael Mittag, FHNW


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