Innovative, interactive, A Swiss-made hypervideo system for teaching and learning

Hypervideos – or interactive videos – add to the benefits of a traditional video four main features: advanced navigational control, that allows users to explore the video under non-linear trajectories, through a panel-like table-of-content which segments the video in sub-sections; hyperlinking function, enabling the insertion of blinking markers in the video to focus the learner's attention on specific relevant details. Such markers are linked to additional information (images, texts, external documents or web pages) allowing, for example, to anchor theory to practice; quiz function, allowing to insert questions in the video to immediately get a formative feedback; video-annotation function, which permits to individually or collaboratively annotate the video to foster analytical or reflective tasks.

The webinar will introduce hypervideos and their effectiveness for learning on the example of the software and experiences related to it when integrating it in a learning scenario.

Developed in Switzerland, exploits the added values hypervideos offer for teaching and learning, enabling anybody, with no particular computer skills, to customise and structure learning material for one's own teaching or training activity, using existing footage and producing their own hypervideos through an intuitive, graphical user interface.


Organisation by SWITCH

This webinar was organised by SWITCH.


About this event
Begin08.11.2018 - 11:00
End08.11.2018 - 12:00
LocationOnline with SWITCHinteract
Community Webinar

Alberto Cattaneo, SFIVET


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