Kick-off meeting SIG SwissMOOC


  • Definition of goals and topics
  • Questions of implementation
    • Technical aspects: platform, hosting, authentication, infrastructure
    • Legal aspects: copyright, ownership, privacy
    • Strategic: questions of branding, best practices
  • Goals of implementing MOOCs at your institution
    • Educational research
    • Outreach efforts (news, high schools, young graduates)
    • Continuing/executive education/corporate MOOCs
    • New research opportunities, citizen science
    • Pedagogical: personalisation, individualisation, collaboration between students, between instructors
  • CUS-P2 Project MOOCIS
    • Presentation by David Russo, Cyberlearn, HES-SO and participation of possible partners
About this event
Begin23.06.2014 - 13:15
End23.06.2014 - 15:15
LocationSWITCH, Werdstrasse 2, Zurich
Community Workshop