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The Board of the Media & Learning Association announced this week that following the success of the two-day Media & Learning Online conference in June with over 350 participants, two more conference days will be organised on 18 and 19 November.

The topic for 18 November is Scaling up video-based services in Higher Education and will be a direct continuation of the conversation which took place in June. Now that so many universities have moved much of their learning online we want to share good practices, explore the challenges and practicalities of putting effective support services online and try to come up with a vision of what the impact of all this change will be on how we experience higher education in the coming years.

The topic for 19 November is Experiences and practice in using AR and VR in Higher Education and here the focus will switch to how, why and when universities and other higher education institutions are introducing extended reality. We plan to share experience about production practices, to discuss topics like the responsible use of AR and VR as well as exploring different collaboration models. 

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Begin18.11.2020 - 09:00
End19.11.2020 - 17:00
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