#OER2 - Legal aspects of sharing

In this webinar, we will specifically address the question of what Open Educational Resources are in the legal sense and what conditions are associated with the different licenses. It also provides practical tips on authorship and the legally correct use of open educational resources. The aim of this workshop is to build up knowledge on the legal framework around OER and to get to know the cc-licenses and corresponding information platforms.

About this event
Begin06.11.2020 - 10:00
End06.11.2020 - 23:30
LocationOnline with Zoom
More Infohttps://powered-by-oer.ch/oer-werkstatt/oer-free-online-programme-oct-20-mar-21/oer2-legal-aspects-of-sharing/
Community Webinar

Suzanna Marazza, ccdigitallaw.ch