SEB user exchange: digital BYOD exams at large scale

How to manage safety and students in digital BYOD exams

When digitising written exams one needs systems and processes to provide legal certainty and fair exams. Many students invest in a computer as it provides tools for managing school work, allows storage and facilitates communication between them and other students and/or teachers. It seems only natural that they should bring their own computer to the digital exams.

But BYOD may challenge the legal certainty when students bring computers that the university has no control over and it is difficult to discover digital cheating on machines that are not controlled. Another aspect is how to manage support in the exam hall when there are different versions of computers to ensure the students have equal opportunity to perform well on what might be their most important exam. In my presentation I will share the experiences from University of Gothenburg where we have up to 400 students taking their exams at the same time.


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Begin10.10.2019 - 11:00
End10.10.2019 - 12:00
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Linda Jerdenius, University of Gothenburg


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