SIG Digital Collaboration

Free whiteboard collaboration tools and Jitsi

In this online activity we experience online collaboration in interaction with three different digital whiteboard tools:

  • AWW Board, a collaborative online whiteboard for business and education. Free and ready for use without any registration.
  • Whiteboard, a fast way to collaborate real-time with your team anywhere. Free and ready for use without registration.
  • Miro, formerly RealtimeBoard, a powerful visual collaboration platform for cross-functional team collaboration. Free to use – registration required for creating or editing whiteboards. No registration for "just viewing" purposes.

We also use Jitsi, an open source web conferencing tool that is freely available and runs on all popular platforms. Since it does not have a whiteboard, we test the usage of additional whiteboard tools here in this workshop.

We hold the meeting with the open source web conference tool Jitsi, collect and share with the whiteboards AWW Board, Whiteboard and Miro. All tools are free of charge and can be used in different ways without singing in.

If you would like to participate in this online activity, please register below. We will start the meeting in SWITCHinteract, then we will switch to the web tools mentioned above.

At the beginning of the meeting, the SIG leader Willi Bernhard will briefly explain how to get into Jitsi and what we are going to experience there.

About this event
Begin28.10.2019 - 16:00
End28.10.2019 - 17:00
LocationOnline with SWITCHinteract
Community Workshop