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Comments on ENQA plublication: Considerations for quality assurance of e-learning provision

The SIG Quality Distance Learning invites to a webinar presented by Monika Risse from ENQA.

The ENQA group has published its Considerations for quality assurance of e-learning provision. Monika Risse, AAQ, member of the ENQA working group on quality assurance and e-learning makes us the honour to comment this publication for us in a webinar. Monika Risse will focus in particular on the aspects that you find important and/or that need to be discussed.

Please register for the webinar below, and indicate in the doodle on the right, which points of the document you wish Monika Risse to focus on in particular.


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Begin13.11.2018 - 10:30
End13.11.2018 - 11:30
LocationOnline with SWITCHinteract
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Monika Risse, ENQA working group


Please indicate which part of the ENQA publication you would like to focus on