Video production workflow for online learning

How to take a video from concept to completion

Producing videos is technically challenging. Scripting, storyboarding, rehearsing, filming, editing... The list of processes and steps is long and complicated. Producing a video based course with multiple videos and resources is even more demanding. So setting up a solid and consistent video production workflow is not only a good idea, it's essential to producing quality content that learners will appreciate. But how do you start preparing for multiple recordings? What recording equipment is most appropriate for your project? What is the most efficient way of editing and reviewing videos? In this webinar I'll try to answer these questions, and many others, by running through EPFLs pre-production, production and post production workflow. Along the way I'll show which tools and templates we use to make our videos, as well as some of the difficulties we encounter and how we try to avoid or eliminate them. By the end of the presentation I hope that you will have a better understanding of video production workflows and what are the potential pitfalls to look out for. We can also have a Q&A session after the presentation to further discuss the topic.


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Begin26.09.2019 - 11:00
End26.09.2019 - 12:00
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Matt Goodman, EPFL


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