Virtual learning environments in higher education

What are the possibilities, and what are the limits of virtual environments in higher education?

The presenter Andy Zbinden from SWITCH will share his impressions of the Boston iED 2011 and show what’s going on in the international usage of 3DCVEs in teaching and education. He will give some examples where 3DCVEs are useful and show their full potential and their limits within the field of education.

Additionally, he will compare the pros and cons of several virtual worlds, their strenghts and weaknesses and will discuss them with you.


Organisation by SWITCH

This webinar was organised by SWITCH.

About this event
Begin09.06.2011 - 11:00
End09.06.2011 - 12:00
LocationOnline with SWITCHinteract
Community Webinar

Andy Zbinden, SWITCH


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