eduhub days 2018

10-year anniversary of eduhub

Collaboratively shaping the future of education

Digitalisation of economy is setting new challenges for the Swiss academic community. The eduhub community plays a central role in helping institutions address these challenges. On the one hand, digitalisation of teaching and learning should follow best practice gained from our long-standing experience. On the other hand, disciplines and methods are transformed by the advent of digital technologies. Because of this, we also have to help students to think in new ways that integrate possibilities of modern computation.

During the past 10 years the challenges of the Swiss academic community have changed a lot. Since then, new possibilities for teaching and learning have emerged. Digitalisation in higher education and research has brought about new trends and methods for teaching and learning and has revolutionised the Swiss academic landscape. Disciplines are transforming themselves and the way they produce knowledge. New interpersonal and digital skills are necessary to master the new challenges that digitalisation in higher education generates.

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Begin31.01.2018 - 09:00
End01.02.2018 - 16:00
LocationUniversity of teacher education Lucerne (PHLU)
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One of the key skills to be fit for the future is collaboration

Collaboration means dialogue – dialogue between students, between teachers, and between institutions in the Swiss academic community. It also means dialogue between students and teachers, teachers and institutions, and between institutions and students.

How can we collaborate more? How can we foster digital literacy? What is needed, to master future challenges in the Swiss academic community? Social learning, peer evaluation, co-design of courses between teachers, and collaboration between different higher education and research institutions are just a few of numerous examples. Digitalisation of teaching is primarily about best practices and didactics, not tools. Community building has become essential to support collaboration, and thus pool and develop knowledge within the Swiss academic landscape.

During the 10th edition of the eduhub days we will not only look back at what has been reached so far in the Swiss e-learning community, we will also look into the future and explore new methodologies of teaching and learning. We will detect necessary skills for all stakeholders of the Swiss academic community to become fitter for the future and for digitalisation of teaching.


Organisation by SWITCH

This conference was organised by SWITCH.