eduhub days 2023

Fostering the Future of Higher Education Together!


Higher education is facing the continuous development of technology, collaboration, and living together in a society. This has an impact on teaching and learning at universities. New methods and didactic approaches are needed to prepare tomorrow's experts for future challenges.


On February 15 and 16, 2023, the e-learning community of Swiss Higher Education will be meeting live at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) to develop its / their own vision.

Get to know organizations, their activities and projects at the “Marketplace”. Exchange ideas and experiences at a “Walk the Talk”. Be inspired by top speakers and hear what visions today's students have. The varied program provides the opportunity to network, connect, inspire and offer space for exchanging ideas, experiences and the development of solutions. Coffee breaks, lunches and a dinner provide energy, enjoyment and stimulating conversations.



About this event
Begin15.02.2023 - 09:30
End16.02.2023 - 13:30
LocationUniversity of Lausanne
Community eduhub days
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What's new eduhub days 2023?

Walk the Talk

A lot has happened in our community in the last two years. We have faced new challenges and technologies, People have left the community, and new People have joined us.

As the latest two «eduhub days» took place virtually, we would like to take the opportunity in 2023 to exchange ideas and get to know each other again on-site.

For this purpose, we will introduce the new «Walk the Talk» format. The idea is to engage in active listening, inquiry and generative conversation. You will go on a one-hour walk in small groups while discussing a specific question.

Here is how a Walk the Talk works:
  • Participants will be divided into groups of four, with participants they don't know yet or have not engaged much with.
  • Groups go outside and note the time the Walk the Talk starts.
  • The first person will then have 5 minutes to address the prompt that was given to his or her group before each of the 3 other members have 2 and a half minutes to share their reactions and add question before the first person takes 2 last minutes to conclude.
  • After a first round, we will be starting a new round with participant n°2 as a starter.
  • After everyone has spoken, they can reflect on how the process was for each of them.
  • When everyone returns to the plenary room, the facilitator asks for some reflection and insights.



For this edition of eduhub days 2023, we have chosen to offer an open marketplace rather than parallel sessions.

During the two marketplace sessions, you will have the opportunity to discover, via the stands animated by the members of our community, all the projects and reflections that they will have chosen to share with us and to be able to discuss them freely and in a relaxed atmosphere.

All those who wish to share an experience, a discovery, an achievement, a project or who simply wish to present a point of view or a research can complete the form below.