eduhub days 2024: Redefining Learning Spaces, One Innovation at a Time

Welcome to eduhub Days 2024, the annual conference dedicated to the dynamic world of e-learning, teaching, technology, and didactics of Swiss Higher Education Institutions.


eduhub Days 2024 revolves around the central theme of 'Learning Spaces.' As we explore this expansive subject, we aim to encompass the full spectrum of learning environments, from physical classrooms to innovative hybrid setups and the continuously evolving virtual worlds.

Join us as we unravel the multifaceted question of how to effectively design, manage, and optimize these spaces. Discover the latest tools, equipment, software, and pedagogical strategies that transform these environments, making education more engaging, efficient, and accessible.

This year, we have an exciting lineup featuring two keynote speakers offering unique insights and perspectives on reimagining learning spaces. Furthermore, you can engage with the members of the eduhub community at our Marketplace, where innovation and projects from our community will be showcased.

Since the 'Walk the Talk' format was so well received last year, we are delighted to inform you that we are picking up this format in an evolved way again. Engage in active listening, inquiry, and generative conversation in small groups of four as you take a walk, discussing questions, fostering deep conversations, and gaining fresh perspectives.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of eduhub Days 2024: Redefining Learning Spaces, One Innovation at a Time.



About this event
Begin07.02.2024 - 09:30
End08.02.2024 - 00:45
LocationZHAW, Haus Adeline Favre, Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9, Winterthur 8400 Winterthur
Community eduhub days


One integral and important part of the event will be our marketplace, which is taking place on the morning and afternoon of the first day. The marketplace is a possibility to showcase what you and your university have already done in the area of Learning Spaces. Other participants can benefit from insights in innovative projects and you benefit by starting a dialogue with other professionals and getting direct feedback and other insights as well. It is a format where both sides can profit and last year showed us, that this format helps us to connect with each other.

Have you been part of an initiative or project in the area of Learning Spaces which could be interesting for the conference? We are looking for projects in all areas of learning spaces. It could be a project with physical spaces, a digital spaces or a hybrid spaces:



If that is the case – apply and be part of our marketplace!

Please fill out the following form until 01.01.2024 and let us know something about your initiative or project

We will come back to you until 08.01.2024 and will let you know, if your projects is a fit for the conference and what the next steps will be.


PS: As a marketplace-contributor you are obviously welcome to join us for the full conference and both lunches and dinner on the first day are sponsored by Switch.