Theme tables



  • Tables: max. 10
  • Moderators: max. 10
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Plenary presentation of the tables: 2 minutes each
  • Four repeat sessions at each table: 15 minutes each
  • Material: white paper on each table to write on, one flip chart per table, color pens



The IDS aims at the exchange of ideas, discussions and feedback and less on knowledge presentation.

  • All moderators get two minutes at the beginning to present their subject to the plenum.
  • Each table is animated by one moderator.
  • Each moderator performs four times.
  • For each performance the moderator speaks and presents during seven minutes and then initiates and animates the discussion.
  • Participants can participate at any table during 15 minutes.
  • Every 15 minutes the participants switch table.
  • Each moderator repeats his presentation four times, to share it with a maximum number of participants. Moderators will keep results from one session to the next so that the participants’ contributions are passed on from one session to the next.

To sum it up: Every participant can choose among five to seven different subjects and participate at up to four different sessions.

Please note, that we are also experimenting with idea catchers this year. They will not only circulate and participate but also relate some of their discoveries to the plenum at the end of the conference on the second day.