e-Education in the 21st century

Keynote by Jürgen Handke, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany


New approaches towards learning, teaching and assessment

Nearly all branches of public life have been introducing digital methods into their daily routines with one exception: teaching and learning. Teachers and learners of all levels have by and large been stuck in 20th century teaching scenarios that dispense with the principles of digitalisation. In this keynote Jürgen Handke, one of Germany's leading experts of digital teaching and learning, first identifies the digital elements, scenarios and formats that not only solve numerous problems of traditional teaching, learning and assessment, but will also be beneficiary in many ways. Their realisation, however, requires the "constructive" disruption of a number of existing structures: classical teaching and learning paradigms, classroom architectures, new course formats and the use of mobile devices. Jürgen Handke will show that such an approach will result in new educational scenarios whose focus is competence rather than knowledge training.


About the presenter

Jürgen Handke is a German Professor for English linguistics and web technology. A pioneer of digital teaching and way ahead of his time Handke started to introduce innovative, digital and interactive teaching methods in the form of CD-ROMs in the early 1990s. This new way of teaching resulted in the creation of the world's first and largest e-learning platform for linguistics, the Virtual Linguistics Campus (VLC) in 2000. Currently, the VLC has more than 13'000 active users with more than 3'000 visitors daily. In 2013 Handke started the Virtual Linguistics Campus YouTube channel, now the largest linguistics channel in the world with almost 3 million clicks, more than 30'000 subscribers and more than 550 videos, which all involve the CC BY licensing model.

In 2013 Handke received the highest Hessian Teaching and Learning Award for his Inverted Classroom Mastery Model, in October 2015 he was awarded the highest German teaching award, Ars Legendi Prize for Digital Teaching and Learning.

Handke is advisor of several German state governments and member of the national board "Hochschulforum Digitalisierung".