Design learning

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Room KOL-H-322
2 x 40 minutes

13h30-14h10 / 14h20-15h00:

Designing for great teaching with learning design cards

Marion Gruber, UZH; Christian Glahn, TU Delft

Designing learning and teaching with educational technologies is challenging in traditional higher education. In order to successfully blend lectures, it is important to structure learning processes and choose appropriate tools for the learning activities within. However, the adoption of technology-enhanced learning into the individual teaching practice is very often constrained by limited time for rethinking course designs and teaching concepts. Therefore, support is needed for selecting and integrating appropriate technologies into teaching concepts, efficiently. As most teachers are drawing on an existing face-to-face teaching practice, such support needs to consider these transitions as part of transforming conventional teaching to technology-enhanced learning and reverse. This tutorial presents a pattern-based approach for preparing and analysing complex learning and teaching that allows professors and lecturers to build their teaching concepts on top of tested didactics. Our solution provides a toolkit and a framework that helps to conceptualise, analyse and communicate learning designs of different scales and speed-up the deployment of richer learning experiences using off-the-shelf LMS functions and features. In the tutorial we present both, the toolkit and the framework, and share our experiences of using it in practice.