Cyber risk scenarios at universities

By Antoine Neuenschwander, SWITCH

From its conception in the late 1960s, the Internet was rooted in the academic community. The backbones of national education and research networks (NREN) preceded the commercial Internet services as we know today. What once was a trusted network of peers in the research community has now become a hostile environment in which vulnerable systems are hacked within minutes. The needs and use of computer systems in the academic environment are very diverse, ranging from tiny IoT devices to huge super computers. Securing these systems is a challenging task that requires engagement not only from system administrators, but from the whole community. In this talk we will identify the different levels of threats on computing infrastructures of universities.


Antoine Neuenschwander, SWITCH:

Antoine Neuenschwander graduated from ETHZ with a masters in computer science. He started his career as a systems administrator, then worked as a software engineer. With increasing interest for IT security, he then worked as a penetration tester and finally as a security engineer at SWITCH.