Security and the Internet: an ongoing struggle?

By Michael Hausding, SWITCH

The Internet is getting more ubiquitous every day. More and more devices are connected to the Internet and almost every aspect of our life is connected and reliant on the Internet. This makes security of Internet services and devices more important and security breaches in the virtual world have an impact on real life. Cybercriminals take advantage of system vulnerabilities and human weaknesses to make money on the Internet for years. The damage caused by cybercrime is still rising, the estimated damage for cybercrime worldwide in 2021 is US$6 Trillion. What are the current business models of cybercriminals? What are the lines of defence organisations and individuals can take to protect themselves from being a victim of cybercrime?


Michael Hausding, SWITCH:

Michael Hausding is Competence Lead DNS & Domain Abuse at SWITCH. His main job is to prevent Internet crime on and with .ch and .li domains. He is an incident handler for more than 20 years and a member of SWITCH-CERT. Michael holds a Master in computer science from the University of Darmstadt, and a MAS in management, technology and economics from ETH Zurich.