e-Portfolios at Swiss HEI

e-Portfolio software used at Swiss Higher Education Institutions.

e-Portfolios are digital folders of a student's work. It is user-centred and can be used in two different ways: as tool for reflection to reflect on the learning process, or as career tool, to present and showcase work to a potential employer.






EPFL no e-portfolio in use  –  –
ETHZ no e-portfolio in use  –  –
UNIBAS ILIAS e-portfolio in-house bbit@unibas.ch
UNIBE ILIAS e-portfolio in-house info@ilub.unibe.ch 
UNIFR SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH portfolio-support@switch.ch 
UNIGE Mahara in-house portfolio@unige.ch
UNIL Mahara & Selfpad in-house Nadia Spang Bovey 
UNILU no e-portfolio in use  –  –
UNINE Currently testing Mahara  –  –
UNISG Stud.IP  – Christoph Meier
USI Mahara in-house Giorgia Mora
UZH SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH


IHEID no e-portfolio in use  –  –
FernUni/UniDistance SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH


BFH SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH Andrea Scheurlen
FHGR SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH portfolio-support@switch.ch
FHNW SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH Paul Raper
OST SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH elearning@ost.ch
HES-SO SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH cyberlearn@hes-so.ch
HSLU ILIAS e-portfolio in-house learning@hslu.ch
SUPSI Mahara in-house Giorgia Mora
ZHAW SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH servicedesk@zhaw.ch 
ZHdK no e-portfolio in use  –  –
HWZ no e-portfolio in use  –  –
Kalaidos no e-portfolio in use  –  –
HES-LRG no e-portfolio in use  –  –
HEP BEJUNE SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH support@hep-bejune.ch
HEP VD no e-portfolio in use  –  –
HEP VS/PHVS no e-portfolio in use  –  –
HEP FR/PHFR no e-portfolio in use  –  –
HfH ILIAS e-portfolio external dlc@hfh.ch
PHGR no e-portfolio in use  –  –
PHBern SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH informatik@phbern.ch
PHLU SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH portfolio-support@switch.ch 
PH FHNW SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH Oliver Lang
PHSG SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH Institut ICT & Medien
PHSH no e-portfolio in use  –  –
PHSZ no e-portfolio in use  –  –
PHTG Mahara in-house  –
PHZH ILIAS e-portfolio Studer&Raimann   –
PH Zug Mahara in-house Urban Lim
SFIVET SWITCHportfolio (Mahara) SWITCH servicedesk@sfivet.swiss