Community guidelines

As members of the eduhub community we have very different backgrounds and roles at our institions, however, as community we all share the same values, which are listed below.

1. Etiquette and netiquette

We believe in trust and mutual respect as foundation for knowledge exchange and collaboration within the eduhub community. Trust and mutual respect are also the foundation for communication within the eduhub community – online as well as offline.


2. eduhub is a marketing free zone

Our community is a marketing free zone for knowledge exchange and collaboration for e-learning experts at Swiss Higher Education Institutions. Vendors and marketing for products are unwanted.


3. English is our lingua franca

To ensure that members of the eduhub community can speak together in one common language, and to build a bridge over the "Röstigraben", all events of eduhub are organised, held and presented in English, independently from the event location. English is the lingua franca of the Swiss e-Learning Community eduhub.


4. Registration to face-to-face events is binding *

Our events are free for all eduhub members. However, the organisers behind our events pay for the catering, conference dinners, locations, social events, etc. What is more, our events are very well visited, and as places are limited. Therefore, your registration to an event is binding. If you are registered but cannot attend, let us know in good time, so that we can give your place to someone else on the waiting list.

* This does not apply for eduhub webinars. Registration to eduhub webinars is not binding and also open to people outside of the eduhub community.


5. Topics discussed and presented within eduhub

Topics discussed and presented within eduhub are suggested and presented by members of the Swiss e-Learning Community. The community lives from active contributions of its members. The role of SWITCH is to coordinate the community and to support it by providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.


6. Inputs are always welcome

eduhub is a very active community, and as a member, you are always very welcome to suggest topics, that you would like to present or discuss with your peers from other institutions. Feel free to contact the community coordinator anytime, if you would like to present a webinar, host a workshop, or even found a Special Interest Group.

Any suggestions are welcome, because as a member, the community belongs to you!