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eduhub days 2021
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During the eduhub days 2021 we will focus on the future of teaching and learning in higher education. We will discuss how the year 2020 has transformed higher education for teachers and students, and we will look at the digital skills that are necessary to shape the future of higher education successfully.

Contribution formats

Share your own experiences and insights with the community. You can do this either in a BarCamp (25 minutes) or parallel session (55 minutes). Proposals can be submitted until December 31, 2020, by the online form below.


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BarCamp (25 minutes)

If you want to discuss a topic or idea with your peers at the eduhub days, this is the right session for you. You can suggest a topic for the BarCamp directly at the eduhub days, or submit it below. Topics for the BarCamp will be selected by participants during the eduhub days. If your topic is selected, you will be the host of your BarCamp session. 

Challenges and innovation (55 minutes)

There will be four tracks for parallel sessions:

  • Hybrid teaching and learning
  • e-Assessment
  • e-Collaboration
  • Tools

If you would like to present a parallel session, you are free to choose your own format. You can present your session as a workshop, tutorial, presentation, video or any other format.

Submit your proposal here until December 31, 2020:

We will inform you about the acceptance of your proposal by mid-January 2021.

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