Conference programme

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Plenary sessions

Aula KOL-G-201, chair: Hervé Platteaux, UNIFR

09h00-09h15 Summary and review of the first day
Stefan Andreas Keller, UZH; Jonas Lanz, ETHZ
09h15-09h30 News about SWITCH edu-ID
Petra Kauer-Ott, SWITCH
Presentation slides

Digital exhibition

Seminar rooms

09h30-10h30 Digital exhibition

Coffee break

10h30-11h00, Lichthof Nord, UZH

Plenary sessions

Aula KOL-G-201, chair: Patrick Jermann, EPFL

11h00-11h30 Federal project contributions: The strengthening of digital skills in teaching (P-8)
Antoine Maret, swissuniversities
NB: This presentation will be in French.
Presentation slides
11h30-12h00 Including Open Educational Resources in the Open Science Strategy
Patrick Furrer, swissuniversities
Presentation slides
12h00-12h30 Summary and closing
Urs Eppenberger, SWITCH


12h30-14h00, Lichthof Nord, UZH

Side event: ETWG Assembly meeting

14h00-16h00, room KOL-G-220


Programme commitee

Eva Seiler Schiedt, UZH; Giorgia Mora, USI; Hervé Platteaux, UNIFR; Jacqueline Gasser-Beck, UNISG; Jonas Lanz, ETHZ; Karin Jakob Grob, UZH; Nathalie Roth, SWITCH; Patrick Jermann, EPFL; Patrick Roth, UNIGE; Stefan Andreas Keller, UZH; Stefano Tardini, USI; Willi Bernhard, FFHS