eduhub days 2020

January 29 & 30, 2020
University of Bern
Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Bern


Videos in Higher Education – Perspectives and challenges

For some years now videos have been ever-present – not only in students' but also in our own everyday lives and work. By now, videos and their use in higher education are well established in most Swiss Higher Education Institutions, even if this use might be very diverse. At the same time, the field of video supported and enhanced learning is growing continually – if not even exponentially. While new formats (360-degree videos, interactive videos, etc.) and methods (MOOCs, inverted classroom, etc.) emerge, already established scenarios become easier to implement thanks to new technologies and tools (e.g. video analysis or video-based self-reflection).




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Exploring new scenarios and deepening understanding

During the eduhub days 2020 we will focus on how videos can be used for teaching and learning in higher education. We will discuss questions such as: How can we best benefit from the advantages videos in higher education offer? In which way should we use videos in our teaching scenarios to foster deep learning? How can we deal with challenges of using videos in higher education? And how can we best support our faculties in producing their own video resources or using existing videos in a didactically meaningful way? The eduhub days 2020 are an opportunity to share experiences, insights and know-how. You can share your thoughts, present your projects and ideas or discuss a topic in a BarCamp, workshop or tutorial. There will also be screenings of educational media productions in the conference cinema. Keynotes will be delivered by Zac Woolfitt from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Martin Merkt from the Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning and Emily Nordmann from the University of Glasgow.


After the conference


Conference programme


The Oscars eduhub days 2020 Awards

...and the Oscar goes to... the University of Bern!

For the best educational movie 2020: Pest control strategies for sustainable agriculture



Organisation by SWITCH

This event was organised by SWITCH.