January 29, 2020
13h30 to 15h30
3 x 35 minutes

Would you like to discuss a topic?

You can submit a topic for a BarCamp session directly at the eduhub days 2020. The topics will be selected by the participants live during the conference. If your topic is selected, you will be the host of your BarCamp session. Each session has a duration of 35 minutes.


First session: 13h30 to 14h05

Room A 101:

360° videos can be very beneficial for research in a very busy environment. In which educational settings this type of video can be useful?

Host: Oliver Müller, PHZH; timekeeper: Christelle Bozelle, UNIGE


Room A 201:

What are the most important criteria for a good educational Video?

Host: Christlne Wälti, UNILU; timekeeper: Christelle Bozelle, UNIGE


Room A 022:

Teaching with Video is fine. But how to instruct students, how to LEARN with videos?

Host: Wolfgang Widulle, FHNW; timekeeper: Stefano Tardini, USI


Room A 027:

Can you flip your 90 minutes lecture into a 10 minutes video? Challenges of the flipped learning approaches

Host: Riccardo Mazza, USI/SUPSI; timekeeper: Stefano Tardini, USI


Second session: 14h10 to 14h45

Room A 101:

How do you effectively create videos with students?


Room A 201:

Dos and dont's of Smartphone Videos


Room A 022:

How can we increase social presence and social interaction in video?

Host: Daniela Lozza, ZHAW; timekeeper: Nathalie Roth, SWITCH


Room A 027:

National collection of learningvideos to share

Host: Denise Felber, EHB; timekeeper: Nathalie Roth, SWITCH


Third session: 14h50 to 15h25

Room A 101:

How to effectively and succesfully use animation video to explain (complex) topics?

Host: Jacqueline Maatman, FFHS; timekeeper: Christelle Bozelle, UNIGE


Room A 201:

How to make/use lecture recording efficiently?


Room A 022:

What tools do you use for animations? What are your experiences?

Host: Reto Schürch, Careum; timekeeper: Stefano Tardini, USI


Room A 027:

SWITCH video services user forum: Community building & new features. IDEA: Customers of the same services get to know each other, discuss new features & issue

Host: David Graf, UNIBE; timekeeper: Stefano Tardini, USI