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Perspectives of different stakeholders

MOOC stakeholders: Pierre Dillenbourg, EPFL; Pablo Achard, UNIGE; Pierre-Yves Rochat, EPFL, Martin Vögeli, HWZ

In this panel, different MOOC stakeholders such as institutions (as MOOC organisers), lecturers (as MOOC creators) and students (as MOOC users) are going to present their individual perspectives on the same questions. The stakeholders are going discuss questions such as how to find the MOOC you need for your own learning needs, how to get a MOOC function didactically, how to find the right contact persons when participating in a MOOC, and how to certify validly the acquired knowledge during a MOOC.

For this panel, we have invited the MOOC stakeholders Pierre Dillenbourg, EPFL, Pablo Achard, UNIGE, Pierre-Yves Rochat, EPFL, and Martin Vögeli, HWZ, who are each going to present their individual perspectives on MOOCs as organiser, creator and user.