eduhub days 2014


Date and location

  • February 18 & 19, 2014
  • Hotel Ramada Encore, Geneva


After the conference


The creative minds of eduhub

We are living in a continually changing and fast developing world, which brings new opportunities and challenges every day. Creativity is the key to master constantly changing circumstances.


Keynote speaker Donald Clark, a renowned entrepreneur, blogger and well-known e-learning specialist from Brighton, Sussex, UK, is going to share his point of view on the creative use of e-learning. The conference will also host discussion sessions focusing on new ideas and projects developed during the CUS P2-Program Learning Infrastructure, which will be discussed in the creative cafés. In the panel MOOC agora different MOOC stakeholders such as institutions (as MOOC organisers), lecturers (as MOOC creators) and students (as MOOC users) are going to present their individual perspectives on MOOCs. The student panel will put the focus on the universities’ main protagonists: What are the needs, skills and wishes of students in regard to e-learning? How do they use new learning technologies in their studies? During the panel you will have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with students.

Organisation by SWITCH

Conference fee and meals are offered by SWITCH. Accommodation is not included and must be organised by the participants. This event is for members of the Swiss e-Learning Community eduhub or on invitation only.