Workshop: Security Awareness

To master the new challenges generated by digitalisation in higher education, we need new interpersonal and digital skills. Handling data and using the Internet belong to our daily routine, but what about security? Institutions of higher education are not exempt of cybercrime, which is increasing significantly every year, while attacks are getting more and more sophisticated. Technology can't always keep up, the end users themselves play a crucial role. Security needs to be involved in the daily life of every employee and every private user.

The solution is trying to raise awareness while helping the tech-experts explain. We would like to increase awareness for security issues and discuss with you how an efficient collaboration between the different stakeholders of the Swiss e-learning community can support the fight against cybercrime.


About this event
Begin16.08.2018 - 09:30
End16.08.2018 - 15:30
LocationSWITCH, Werdstrasse 2, Zurich, room Rigi
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09h30-10h00 Welcome coffee


General introduction
Katja Dörlemann, SWITCH


Security and the Internet: an ongoing struggle?
Michael Hausding, SWITCH
11h00-11h30 Cyber risk scenarios at universities
Antoine Neuenschwander, SWITCH
11h30-12h00 Security Awareness and e-learning
Katja Dörlemann, SWITCH
12h00-13h00 Sandwich lunch
Offered by SWITCH
13h00-14h00 Security painpoints discussion
All participants
14h00-14h15 Coffee break
14h15-15h15 Security painpoints presentation
All participants
15h15-15h30 Summary and outlook
Katja Dörlemann, SWITCH



This event was organised by SWITCH.